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Artist Dorothia Rohner invites you to browse and
learn more about her art and
Painted Wings Studio®

Dorothia's experience as an artist and illustrator includes creating
images for children's books, magazines, educational software, computer
games, licensing, note cards and commissioned art.

Her focus is on creating books for children.
Prints and note cards are available in the Gallery and Gift Shop.

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Painted Wings Studio Website is divided into three areas:

Things from Painted Wings- Gallery and Gift Shop

The gallery items are all inspired by nature.
Here you will find products and artwork designed by Dorothia,
including prints, note cards, bookmarks, books, coasters & mugs.
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Fine art prints and note cards by:
"The Audubon of Moths", John Cody

are available through our Gallery and Gift Shop.
Click here to read more about John and view his paintings and note cards.

Licensing Gallery
To view the entire licensing gallery, a registration form must be submitted.

About Painted Wings
Here you can browse "In the News", to read articles about her work,
"Events", to find out about upcoming classes and presentations,
"Portfolio" to review her illustrations for children, books, and other works.
"Clients & Published Work" and "Just for Fun" to view a list a few of her favorite links.

For questions, art enquirys and comments e-mail Dorothia.

Thank you for visiting!

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