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Imaginative, creative links, filled with discoveries that keep life interesting
— some useful, and others just plain fun. Enjoy

Sleeping Bear Press

Great books for kids.

Reiman Garden & Butterfly House

One of my favorite places in Iowa.

Painting Techniques Links

Great information for artists.

Prairieland Press

More picture books.

Flower Language

Look up the meaning of flowers.

Daryl Burkhard Childrens' Book Author
Tommyknockers and Colorado folklore!

Celebrating Peace

Books and activities about peace

Monarch Watch

Everything you want to know about monarchs.

Beatrix Potter

Find out more about Beatrix.

Spiderwick Chronicles

I love these books!

North American Butterfly Association

More information on butterflies.

Field Guide to Irish Fairies
Everything you want to know about Irish fairies.

Orchid Society

Exotic orchids and information

Stave Puzzles

Beautiful, creative and fun wood puzzles.

Tasha Tudor

Read about this wonderful artist.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

All about gardening, wildflowers, birds & butterflies.
The OyMap World Directory
A complex regional resource containing news, pictures and links.

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