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Prints by Dorothia

Botanical Prints by
Dorothia Rohner

Lewis & Clark
Botanical Prints

Meadow Anemone Print by Dorothia
Anemone canadensis
Meadow anemone

Aster Print by Dorothia
Aster oblogifolius
Aromatic Aster

Silver-leaf Scurf-pea by Dorothia
Pediomelum argophyllum
Silver-leaf Scurf-pea

Bitterroot Print by Dorothia
Lewisia rediviva

Oregon Grape Print by Dorothia
Mahonia aquifolium
Oregon Grape

Bearberry Print by Dorothia


Bearberry- Kinnikinick
Fairy Slipper Print by Dorothia
Calypso bulbosa
Fairy Slipper
Purple Prairie Clover Print by Dorothia
Dalea purpurea
Purple Prairie Clover

Butterfly, Bird, Botanical & Nature Prints

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All images © Dorothia Rohner.

Butterfly & Blooms Print
Butterfly & Blooms
(Red Admiral)
Woodland Phlox & Junco Print
Woodland Phlox & Junco
Springtime Blossoms & Hummingbird Print
Springtime Blossoms & Hummingbird
Bumblebees in Garden Print
Bumblebees in the Garden
House Wren Print by Dorothia
House Wrens & Morning Glories

Amercan Goldfinch Print
American Gold Finch & Garden Flowers

Monarch Butterfly Print by Dorothia
Prairie Monarch
Calla Lily Print by Dorothia
Calla Lily

Swallowtail Butterfly  Print by Dorothia
Swallowtail & Purple Cone Flower

Sulphur Butterfly  Print by Dorothia
Sulphur Butterfly
& Delphinium

Orchid Print by Dorothia
Phalaenopsis Orchid

Butterfly Print by Dorothia
Butterflies & Queen Anne's Lace

Butterfly Print by Dorothia
Butterflies & Blue Flax

Painted Lady Print by Dorothia
Dahlia & Painted Lady

Scarlet Mormon Butterfly Print by Dorothia
Scarlet Mormon Butterfly Pair
Available as a Poster
Limited Edition Print 250/series

Created forThe Christina Reiman Butterfly Wing
(Large prints and posters are not matted,
and are shipped in mailing tube)
All images © Dorothia Rohner.
Images may not be used without written permission.
Please respect copyrights.

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