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Note Cards-Lewis & Clark Botanicals

Lewis & Clark Botanical
Discovery Linen Note Cards

Painted & designed by Dorothia

1804-1806 Series NO.
Item # L&C-NOTE-01
Collection No. 1 includes:
• 8 Linen Note Cards
•8 Botanical Seals
• 8 Linen Envelopes
Packaged in a UV coated full color folio.

Cards measure 6" x 4.75"
Each card showcases one species of plant
discovered on the expedition from 1804-1806.
Eight different species and card designs

Each set of note cards includes
8 Cut and Stick Corps of Discovery
Botanical Seals

(Seals are also sold separately)
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Botanical Discovery Note Cards

Plant Species & Card Designs for Collection No. 1
Meadow Anemone
Aromatic Aster

The back of the card displays
both the common name
and scientific name of the plant,
the date and place of the discovery.


The front of the card displays
the scientific name of the species
and the date discovered along with a secondary plant.

Oregon Grape
Purple Prairie Clover
Silver-leaf Scurf-Pea
Fairy Slipper

The inside cover of the botanical folio includes quotes from
Thomas Jefferson and Frederick Pursh.

"The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture"
Thomas Jefferson

"This elegant plant would be a very desirable addition to the ornamental perennials..."
Frederick Pursh (referring to Lewisia rediviva)

This series of botanical paintings by Dorothia Rohner
was created especially for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial.
Plant specimens from the Ada Hayden Herbarium were used as reference for this collection of botanical painting

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