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Botanical Gifts-Fashion-Regular Shirts-Small Lewis & Clark Tri-Designs

Small Lewis & Clark Botanical Discovery Shirts
Painted & Designed by Dorothia

Designs available on any style of shirts.
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Small Lewis & Clark Botanical Shirts

Silver-leaf Scurf-pea, Anemone, Bitterroot
Item # 02-01-Spea-An-BrtBotanical Shirt
Silver-leaf Scurf-pea
Meadow Anemone

Aster, Purple Prairie Clover,
Fairy Slipper
Item # 02-02-Ast-PCI-FSl
Botanical Shirt
Aromatic Aster
Purple Prairie Clover
Bearberry, Bitterroot, Oregon Grape
Item # 02-03-BB-Brt-Ogrp
Botanical Shirt
Oregon Grape

Small Lewis & Clark Tri-designs
printed on front center of shirt.

This series of botanical paintings by Dorothia Rohner
was created especially for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial.
Plant specimens from the Ada Hayden Herbarium were used as reference for this collection of botanical paintings.

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