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Award Winning Book

"Effies Image"

Author N.L. Sharp
Illustrator: Dorothia Rohner
Published by Prairieland Press


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Effie's Image awarded
2006 Teachers Choice Award!

Nebraska Center for the Book
The Nebraska Book Awards program, sponsored by the
Nebraska Center for the Book (NCB),
recognizes and honors books that are written by
Nebraska authors, published by Nebraska publishers,
set in Nebraska or concerning Nebraska.

Effie's Image awarded
2005 Children Honor Book !
A Little Puzzle?
Hidden on almost every page
are two letters---C & W

See if you can find them and if you can figure
out why the illustrator put them there!

author N.L Sharp
Dorothia Rohner

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Author N.L Sharp

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This tender picture book by author
N. L. Sharp and
illustrator Dorothia Rohner
recounts the story of one woman’s search for
self-worth and her discovery that what she
sees in the mirror each day is a different image
from what the rest of the world sees when
they look at her through the eyes of love.
Published by Prairieland Press
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